Manchester United

Manchester United Football Club was first formed in 1878, albeit under a different name - Newton Heath LYR (Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway). 
Little suspecting the impact they were about to have on the national, even global game, the workers in the railway yard at Newton Heath indulged their passion for association football with games against other departments of the LYR or other railway companies. 

Indeed, when the Football League was formed in 1888, Newton Heath did not consider them selves good enough to become founder members alongside the likes of Blackburn Rovers and Preston North End. They waited instead until 1892 to make their entrance. 

The words Old Trafford entered football folklore for the first time during the 1909/10 season. 
United's first fixture at Old Trafford was played on 19 February 1910.the stadium was successful in accommodating an 60,000 capacity crowd. Two days before, the old wooden stand at Bank Street had been blown down by strong winds - further evidence, perhaps, that United were suited to and needed their new home 
The outbreak of the Second World War forced football to the very back of people's minds between 1939 and 1946. But even in the absence of League football, Old Trafford was still the focus of attention. 
On 11 March 1941 the stadium was bombed during a German air raid. The attack destroyed the main stand, dressing rooms and offices. It was a devastating blow, but within a few years, there would be optimism again around the famous old ground. And at this time Manchester United is one of the best football clubs in the World.

Now I am going to tell you something more about the stadium of Manchester United: Old Trafford.

Old Trafford is the largest league ground in England. What has made this ground special is that the stands go around all the corners so that the ground is completely enclosed. For many years only Wembley was any competition to this stadium, but others are now coming up on the rails such as The Stadium Of Light in Sunderland. 

'The recent construction of an additional tier at each end of the ground has boosted the capacity of Old Trafford to 67,500. There are also future plans to increase the capacity of the Main Stand by 11,000 and expand the capacity of the four corners of the ground, by 3,000 per corner. This will mean a final capacity of around 91,000 capacity, although these plans are still in the evaluation stage at the moment

The Cups
Manchester united has won many cups. They have won the European championship league two times. They have won the English competition fourteen times, the Fa challenge cup ten times and The Fa charity shield fifteen times. 

The biggest victory in the history of Manchester United was the one in 1956 when they the defeated Anderlecht with ten against zero. 
The biggest defeat was in 1930 when they lost from Aston Villa with zero against seven.

The Trainer

Alex Ferguson is trainer of Manchester United and he’s very important to Manchester United. Alex Ferguson joined Manchester United on the 6th of November 1986. His first season was not good, they had bad results and the fans were not happy with Alex Ferguson. But after two years they won the English competition and the fans were happy with Alex Ferguson. From 1986 until now, Alex Ferguson brought the team to win the English competition seven times. Sir Alex Ferguson was voted the 'Best Coach' in Europe at the 1999 UEFA Football Gala.

Ruud van Nistelrooy

There are many famous players at Manchester United players like Beckham, Barthez, Veron, Keane and of course Ruud van Nistelrooy. Ruud van Nistelrooy is a striker and plays every match he can play. Manchester United bought van Nistelrooy in 2001 from PSV Eindhoven for 19 million pounds that was a record transfer at that time. And now he’s still playing for Manchester United and has scored 68 times in 92 games. 

Why is Manchester United so rich?

The club has reported a 48% increase in profits to £32.3m ($50.5m), compared with £21.8m last year. 
The club said its turnover was higher thanks to the new Premier League television deal and European Champions League prize money for reaching last season's semi-finals. 
And it said it made trading profits of £17.4m by selling players such as Jaap Stam, Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke. 
The acquisition of £30m England defender Rio Ferdinand was not in the balance sheet because it happened after the end of the financial year. 
Players' wages accounted for 48% of the group's turnover for the year and the wages bill grew 40% to £70m. 
Part of that raise was the result of new contracts signed by David Beckham, Roy Keane and manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

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